Bold, brazen and unashamedly fatty.

Hearty Mayo is our outlandish take on classic mayonnaise. Made with avocado and superhuman hi-oleic sunflower oil; it's rich, tasty and oooozing with Good Fat.

Go on, don't be shy >

Fiery, ill-tempered and fatty.

Chilli Mayo is the love child of jalapeño hot sauce and our signature avocado and hi-oleic sunflower oil mayo. Oooozing with Good Fat, it packs a Tyson punch but won’t bite your ear off!

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Citrus got real!

Lime Mayo is a postmodern classic. A tantalising tangy twist on our  avocado and superhuman hi-oleic sunflower oil mayonnaise. Oooozing with Good Fat and definitely zest to impress.

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Back off R-Patz!

Garlic Mayo is like garlic butter in a jar… a classic combo of garlic, our top-secret avocado and hi-oleic sunflower oil blend and free-range eggs. A mayonnaise ménage à trois for garlic lovers!

for the garlic lover >

Four full-on flavours

Choose your infatuation

From the likes of our cool classic Hearty Mayo, to our zesty little number Lime Mayo
or our jalapeño hellraiser Chilli Mayo, we have something for all infatuations
…errm except you R-Patz, our Garlic Mayo might just be the end of you.

Join the Fight to put fat back on the table!

At Good Fat we believe in good old fashioned fat. No, not trans fat, or sat fats, but good ol' monounsaturated fat. The stuff that helps your heart and can lower cholesterol.
For far too long fat has had a bad rap, but now it's time to fight for what's right… join the fight to put fat back on the table!

We AreGood Fat!

Smashing ingredients

From our unashamedly fatty avocado and superhuman hi-oleic sunflower oil base, to the free-range eggs we use, all of our ingenious ingredients are natural, ethical and sustainably sourced so you can sleep easy.

No nastiesjust proper mayo

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We AreGood Fat

We make brazen, bold, craft condiments. Using ingenious ingredients such as superhuman avocado and hi-oleic sunflower oils, our condiments are packed with goodness and bursting with flavour, ready to be enjoyed by the bucketload.

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